Every MOM Needs one

WHEW….what a night..I finally got to bed at 12:30am only to doze off around 12:55am when I was suddenly awoken by our adorable 6 year old Nate-No who arrived into our room making that gagging sound ..as a MOM we know what that means RUNNNNNN for the toilet . 

Yep the FLU arrived in our home at 1:00AM ..5 minutes into my dreamland…off and running helping Nate-No to the bathroom who had already left behind a trail from his bedroom to our bathroom as if he were Hansel from the famous story “Hansel and Gretel”…needing to find his way back to his bedroom (home).

Now its 1:00am…The carpets, mattress, bed linens and PJ’s were in need of immediate HELP…first gather up all items that can be tossed in to the washing machine….NEXT shampoo the trail Hansel (Nate-No) left behind. Thankfully I have a handy dandy Bissell Little Green Machine, the tool every mom of 5 must have. It has cleaned up more un-wanted messes and accidents then I care to discuss.

Have you ever shampooed your carpets and mattresses at 1:00AM? It’s amazing how we MOMS can go from dreamland to Super Mom …faster then a speeding bullet, we jump out of bed … leap from the bed to the hall way to the kids bedroom as if we were leaping from one building to the next building….that locomotive power jumps into our bodies and we begin to clean as if we actually had a full night rest rather then 5 minutes of dreamland.

Today has been calmer..that adorable 6 year old spent the day resting , watching TV , playing his leapster and starving his fever….you know the saying “Feed a cold, Starve a fever” 2 bites of yogurt and a tiny crumb of a graham cracker are about all I got down him today along with some water.

Tonight we are prepared…BIG BIG bowl sitting on a BIG BIG towel next to his bed …we have removed all possible items that might be a perfect target at 1:00am, if history repeats its self…Hansel is now sleeping peacefully WHEW
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2 Responses to Every MOM Needs one

  1. Tammy B says:

    Hi Trisha!Hope Nate is feeling better, and that you have recovered from your early morning activities!

  2. momisbestjob says:

    T-So sorry that the flu has it your house….Hope it goes thru FAST!Good thing you have a new washer and dryer!!

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