Friday Favorites

Trisha’s Favorites of the week:

Favorite Meal this week : Costco’s Chicken pot pie…it’s big enough to feed my family of 7 and even have left overs for those hungry bellies the next day after school…the only problem is those that arrive home are the first to finish it off. Just ask Savannah who happens to be the third child to arrive home each day…which often means the race is on to the left overs.
Rumor is these are a seasonal item but my friend Sheri Schock says I can freeze them …I better run to Costco this weekend and pick up a few for the freezer. Being I am no Martha Stewart ready to make these from scratch…that is why we have Costco in Gig Harbor now.
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1 Response to Friday Favorites

  1. momisbestjob says:

    I loved your Friday Favorites! What a GREAT thing….I hope you do this every Friday 🙂

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