Time Waster – Time Saver: Receipts

Time Waster: Are you tired of digging and scrambling for that lost receipt to return the unwanted item? Possibly never finding your receipt and now being left with an item you don’t want or need?

Only to become a Time Waster as we search and look for our lost receipt.

Today most of our local stores such as Target and Toys-r-Us make it difficult to return an item without the receipt.

Time Saver: So I have a GREAT way that I keep my zillions of receipts each year organized…with 5 kids it seems receipts can pile up quickly.

My Time Saver solution has been that each year I purchase a Cancelled check file from my local office store. I then file each receipt in alphabetical order.

Now when I have a return to make I can quickly retrieve my receipt and have a No Hassle return.

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One Response to Time Waster – Time Saver: Receipts

  1. erin blakley says:

    GREAT idea! I have receipts everywhere that I just eventually throw away…only to need them later! Thanks!

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