What your purse says about you

What’s your PURSE-ONALITY? Who are you really?

Recently Comedian Anita Renfroe was featured on Good Morning America sharing her humorous thoughts on how she believes our purse can actually reflect the real personality we have.

Think about it – this could be some really helpful information for us non-psychologists. We can now psycho analyze the women we come into contact with in one simple step – Check out the purse they carry.

Is it true that your purse might be able to tell us who you are better than you could?

Read the four different Purse-onality styles Anita shared on Good Morning America… Then take a look at the purse you carry – WHO are you?

More Is More Better
This lady is the one who never really got over carrying the diaper bag and still wishes she had something that large. She normally has a full snack bar and a working pharmacy down in her bag and is prepared for every situation in life.

The upside: Should you ever find yourself in jail, she’ll be the only one in your group of friends with a MacGyver 7-in-1 tool to bust you out.

Basic Tiny Toter
This girl can get the whole contents of her day into seven square inches. I don’t really understand this woman, but you can bet if she can do this that she’s got some control issues.

She probably pays her bills ahead of time and has her sheets tucked in real tight on the corners of her bed.
The upside: Should you ever find yourselves in jail, she’ll be the only one with the unlimited AMEX who can bail you out.

Serial Monogamist
She gets one purse and sticks with it for 12 years. She’s the kind of person for whom you occasionally have to do what we call “a purse intervention.” Now she’s also loyal and if she’ll stay with this purse for 12 years she’ll hang with you.

The upside: Should you ever find yourself in jail, she’s the only one in your group of friends who’ll be out on the sidewalk holding a candlelight vigil with a sign that says, “My friend is innocent.”

Purse Schizophrenic
This woman changes her purses more often than she changes her underwear. Sometimes she doesn’t know how she’s going to feel after lunch so she’ll occasionally carry a purse inside of her purse just in case her mood changes.

The upside: If you find yourself in jail, she’s normally the reason why you’re there, BUT she’s also the one who’ll sit right there with you in that jail cell saying, “Isn’t that the best fun we ever had honey?”
Today the purse I carry would fall under the More is Better category – maybe it’s from all the years of carrying a diaper bag (too many to count). Now I don’t have a full snack bar or pharmacy, but I prefer the larger type so as I go about my day I can continue to fill my purse with various items from McDonalds toys, ½ eaten kid snacks, my children’s souvenirs of rocks and feathers, purchases I make, receipts, coupons and fliers I pick up along the way, my empty Hot Coco portable mug, the latest book I’m reading (in case I find 5 free minutes), and once in a while I even find a sock or two stuffed in my purse by day’s end. I start my day out with a purse weight of 3 lbs and end it with a 20lb weight. 

My Daughter Savannah is a purse-aholic so she falls in the Purse Schizophrenic, and I think her friends would already agree with the upside of it. She is truly the Fun Party girl who thinks everyone is her friend and would so love to do what ever she is doing.

View the Good Morning America Clip of Anita. 

So who are YOU? Comment us and tell us your purse-onality.

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1 Response to What your purse says about you

  1. I’m “More is More Better” – aren’t all moms?

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