Let’s Make a Meal Mondays


Meals the Costco way –

Today I thought a FUN idea for our Let’s Make a Meal Mondays would be to share my family’s 6 Favorite Costco quick-and-simple meals.

While on our vacation in Arizona I used several of these for our dinners to keep those eating out costs down, yet still simplify my cooking so I could enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The Novotny’s ½ Dozen Costco Meal Ideas

1. Chicken/Cheese Quesadillas – We purchase the Kirkland pre-cooked, grilled chicken breast. It comes in a 2 pack in the deli/refrigerated food section. I sauté the chicken in taco seasoning , then place it on flour tortillas with shredded cheese. Then grill it in a frying pan or griddle to melt the cheese and chicken. Serve with salad, chips, salsa and fresh fruit.

2. BBQ Beef sandwiches – The BBQ beef comes already in its own sauce. You can find this 2-pack (box) in the deli/refrigerated section. We heat up the BBQ beef then place on toasted hoagie rolls. Serve with either fries or chips and some fresh fruit.

3. Rotisserie Chicken – You purchase this fully cooked chicken already hot and ready to eat. Serve with salad and mashed potatoes (instant to keep it simple).

4. Pizza – The easiest $9.99 meal. They are HUGE.

5. Frozen Lasagna – You can find these in the frozen food section in a 2-pack. Serve with French bread, salad and steamed green beans. (These do take a while to bake, so plan ahead.)

6. Chicken Pot Pie – Large enough to feed my family of 7. It is a seasonal item, but I have successfully frozen it, thawed it out and baked it with rave Novotny kid reviews. This is found in the meat section of the prepared food department. (This takes 1½ hours to bake.)

Do you have a simple COSTCO meal your family loves? Comment and share it with the 24/7 MOMS.

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One Response to Let’s Make a Meal Mondays

  1. When nothing else sounds good I LOVE potstickers ONLY from Costco. Also the “garlic chicken” is a fabulous find…It has everything in it…chicken, corn, vegies, pasta and tastes good…all in one meal. I think the enchiladas made with the roasted chicken are super good. The Carnitas are really good too oh and the Tamales. Ok, I buy too much from Costco : )

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