Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

It’s Thursday, and we meet again for this week’s Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays.
What’s for Dinnner?

Time Waster: You hear those words, “What’s for Dinner?” You look at the clock, it’s 5:00pm, and you begin planning what’s for dinner, only to discover you are out of one item for each last minute meal idea you have. Now what? Call Mr. Pizza Delivery for the third time this week?

Time Saver: Plan your meals ahead.

Step 1: Create a master meal list and choose from it as you plan.
Step 2: Plan out your meals for the month according to your calendar – simple or Crock-Pot meals on busy days, big family dinners on nights everyone will be home to eat, etc.
Step3: Inventory what you have on hand, then make a shopping list and shop once or twice a month. This will not only save you time, but money. Also, shop your local warehouse once a month vs.weekly to save money.
Now when it is 5:00pm you will be ready to answer the BIG question, “What’s for Dinner?”
Do you have a SIMPLE meal to share with the 24/7 MOMS? Comment and tell us about it.
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3 Responses to Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

  1. Jennifer says:

    I don’t plan for the month (I plan weekly). Monday nights (tues. is my errand day) I sit down with my calendar, cookbooks and a cuppa’ to plan out my menue for the week and THEN I make my grocery list from that. So…no more wasted food b/c I forgot what was in my fridge or it was on sale and I bought it without knowing what I was going to do with it, etc)I plan for leftovers, and/or take-out nights -as the budget allows. I also plan based around our schedule, games, practices, school events, etc. That way I know when I need to be short order cook or I can make a sit-down meal.

  2. misspooh8 says:

    I tend to plan for 2 weeks instead of the month also. I always buy groceries just after my husband gets paid. I have been trying really hard to watch coupons and sales and to go through the pantry etc to use the food that we have and not let it go to waste. We moved a few weeks ago and I was disgusted by the amount of stuff I had to throw out b/c it was expired. I made a promise to myself to never let that happen again

  3. What timing! My Works for Me Wednesday post this week is about menu planning! It has definitely made a huge difference for me. I’ve been able to find a number of dishes that are easy enough to make during the week and do more complicated dishes on the weekends. I have two weeknights that are leftover nights, which means that I only cook on 3 weeknights. Since I’ve started menu planning, we’re eating more nutritious and saving money from not ordering out or eating convenience food. Several of the recipes on my blog make for an easy dinner. Stop by and check them out.

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