Kellogg’s Special K Bliss Bars

They have arrived on your grocery store shelves. The question is – will they run out before you get there to purchase your first box of Special K Bliss Bars? I was given the opportunity to try these scrumptious treats by Mom Central and Kellogg’s in exchange for sharing my review of the product.

The Box arrived, and before I knew it, my two teenage girls were smiling with the thought of devouring these new treats. Like their mother, they enjoy sweets, especially if they consist of anything chocolate!

These new 90 calorie bars are a sweet treat and come in 2 flavors: Orange and Raspberry. They are made with multi-grain cereal and dipped in chocolate… the perfect sweet craving snack. Check out the Special K website for more information on these scrumptious bars.

Have you tried a NEW item at your grocery store?comment and share with teh 24/7 MOMS

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One Response to Kellogg’s Special K Bliss Bars

  1. topaztook says:

    My family recently tried the new Flat Earth Chips, and we all loved them. DH likes the apple-cinnamon; the toddler and I like the cheese-flavored ones. They are healthier for you than potato chips, too.

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