Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

I have had days and weeks that I look at my calendar and thought, “How did I possibly allow it toget so full of all these To-Do’s and To-Go’s?” Full of appointments, commitments I said YES to, activities my kids need to attend and many other things that filled up my schedule, only to now be completely overwhelmed with how will I do it all? How will I be at three places at once? Then I ask myself, “How do I avoid a repeat of this scenario in my mom world?” Read this week’s Time Waster Time Saver for my answer.

Time Waster:

Have you ever drug three kids across a parking lot in the rain, up an elevator, down a hall, and in the door of your doctor’s office, only to find out you have arrived a half hour late to your appointment and now have to reschedule? But, you’re positive they told you 10:30, not 10:00! Or, maybe your days seem to fill up one by one, and your calendar seems to be out of control, never having any down time, never having time to prepare for the commitments you have made, never enough time for your family or for you?

Time Saver:
1. Use only ONE calendar/planner.

2. Check your calendar/planner daily. I use daily pages to keep track of where I need to go, what I need to do, who I need to call, even what is for dinner that night.

3. Look at the BIG picture – don’t say yes or schedule something on your calendar just because the day is free. Look at your entire week to see how it will affect your week by adding in one more thing.

4. Learn to write BIG in your calendar it will give you the gentle reminder that day is full.

5. Carry your calendar/planer with you so that when in need you can quickly refer to it.

6. Write everything down – do not rely on your memory.

7. Mark off days/time for family, friends and you.

Check out the momAgenda blog post on April 22, 2008 for a chnace to WIN your own momAgenda.

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