Thrifty Tuesday Finds

A Family of 7 living on one income means that I daily, weekly and monthly search for new ways to be thrifty with the Novotny budget.

Each Tuesday I will try to post my thrifty ideas, bargains, coupon finds, resources and freebies to share with you.

I know many of you have some great thrifty ideas! Email me at and share your THRIFTY ideas to be used in future 24/7 MOMS publications.

Let’s begin with this weeks Thrifty Tuesday finds:

Stretching the mighty dollar idea:

Greeting cards can almost cost as much as the gift these days, and personally I would rather put the money toward a nicer gift than a card. I know, I know – the wonderful words written in these cards can be very meaningful. So, how do we cut back yet still share meaningful thoughts?

1. Boxed greeting card assortment – I have, over the years, purchased boxes of miscellaneous greeting cards at my local warehouse ( Costco) or Target stores. These have not only saved me money, but have saved me time when I am in a last minute situation needing a card.

2. Dollar Store Cards – Plan ahead and purchase multiple cards for upcoming birthdays, graduations, Father’s day and other events you will need greeting cards for and purchase them on your next Dollar Store trip, saving you both money and time.
3. Create your own cards – using scarp book supplies, stamping kits or even right off the good ole’ computer.


My kiddos are yogurt freaks – you would think it was ice cream the way they devour it! It doesn’t even have to be the fancy kid kind – they are happy to devour the store brand, low sugar, low fat type as well. So, when I came across this freebie coupon offer, I thought it would be the perfect treat for my kiddos.

Click here and sign up to receive your freebie coupon via snail mail. The coupon is available through May 31, 2008

Shopping Bargain:

The Childrens Place is having a great sale – up to 50% off ONLINE at – shirts, pants, PJ’s and even shoes.
Here is a sample of a few I just printed today:

Buy one get one Dove candy free – one of my favorite candies.

$ 1.00 off Bertoli pasta sauce – add in fresh garlic, onions and tomatoes for a perfect marinara sauce.
.80 cents off 2 pkgs off nature valley granola bars which are also on sale at my local grocery store
Click here to print your very own coupons and begin saving more $$$
Don’t forget email me at with your THRIFTY ideas.

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1 Response to Thrifty Tuesday Finds

  1. Heather says:

    Another addition to the card idea. I save old cards and then cut off the front and the inside message if it is in tact and create a new card with construction paper or card stock. You can use fancy scissors to cut the front of the card with a zig zag border or whatever. This is fun for those who like to make things, but isn’t the biggest time saver. :)~Heather C.

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