Let’s Make a Meal Mondays

Do you strive to be “America’s Healthiest Mom”, trying to prepare quick, simple, delicious and HEALTHY meals for your family?

Cookbook Author Jyl Steinback has GREAT recipes in her cookbook “Supermarket Gourmet” – extraordinary recipes, made from ordinary ingredients, to assist us in being healthy cooking moms.

Not only will you find healthy recipes in her cookbook, but recipes that will save us time and money. So be sure to enter for your chance to WIN this week’s featured cookbook (details below).

You can also check out Jyl Steinback resourceful website to assist you in becoming “America’s Healthiest Mom”, http://www.americashealthiestmom.com/

Our weekly Let’s Make a Meal recipe from Jyle Steinback’s “Super Market Gourmet”, is one of Nate-no’s favorite meals – Meat Loaf. My little guy loves meat loaf so much that he affectionately calls it Meat Love.

This is also another easy Feed the Freezer recipe (see Trisha’s tip).

Three-Ingredient Meat Loaf (Meat Love)

1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
2 cups roasted tomato and garlic pasta sauce
1½ lbs. extra-lean ground beef

Preheat oven to 350°. Spray a 9×5 loaf pan with cooking spray. Combine bread crumbs and 1½ cups of the pasta sauce in a large bowl. Add beef and mix until ingredients are well combined. Press mixture into loaf pan; bake uncovered 1 hour. Spread remaining pasta sauce over top and cook 30 minutes, until meat loaf is completely cooked through.

Jyl’s Tip: you can substitute extra-lean ground turkey for beef, crushed croutons for bread crumbs, and/or your favorite pasta sauce for the roasted tomato and garlic variety.

Trisha’s Tip: I make individual LARGE meat (loaf) balls, and then use my cup cake tin to bake them. I also freeze them (un-cooked) in pre-formed meat (loaf) balls, so that when I am preparing a meal I can take out of my freezer the number of meat (loaf) balls that I need depending on the number of people I am serving.

WIN this week’s featured cookbook, Jyl Steinback’s “Super Market Gourmet”, by leaving a comment on this blog or emailing me at trisha@247moms.com with your name, email address and your FAVORITE cookbook.

Drawing to be held June 1, 2008 (24/7 MOMS uses the random number generator to select its contest winners).

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2 Responses to Let’s Make a Meal Mondays

  1. Karin says:

    I really enjoy the Kraft cook books that come out each season. I’ve found some really quick and good recipes

  2. Terri Fisher says:

    I have many cookbooks, and really enjoy searching through them for recipes for my family. My favorite would have to be a cookbook published by my home church (Faith Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE) many years ago. It’s got all the best recipes from members of the congregation, and what is really neat is that it gives the person’s name who submitted the recipe. So many of the dear ladies who submitted recipes are no longer with us, but I remember them from my youth. What a great legacy to leave behind!

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