Thrifty Tuesday Finds

It’s Tuesday and time for more thrifty finds!

Stretching the Mighty Dollar :

Do you have an addiction? I think ONE of my many addictions is to magazine subscriptions (inherited from my mom) . I subscribe to a handful – or should I say a mailbox full – of magazines each month. As I read them I tear out those recipes, ideas and coupons, convincing myself this addiction pays for itself with all the money I save in coupons and ideas.

Over the years I have found some frugal ways to stretch the mighty dollar when it comes to my magazine subscription addiction.

Shop online for subscriptions : I check Best Deals Magazines for their featured $4.69 magazine offers throughout the year. I also recieve a weekly email with additional featured specials. I have purchased several gift subscriptions from this site as well.

Special Offers: I watch for offers allowing me to receive 1 or 2 free trial issues. This gives me an opportunity to check out the magazine. I also watch for offers where I can buy 2 or 3 years for the price of 1 year.

Here are THREE magazine offers I came across this week:

1. Free trial issue of Simple & Delicious magazine

2. Try 2 free trial issues of ALL YOU magazine.

3. Better Homes and Gardens – Three years for the price of one.

FREEbie Magazines: I search for free magazine subscription offers at all Free Magazines.

Be sure to go check out the amazing list and get some FREE magazines sent to your mailbox

These are a few ways I am able to support my magazine subscription addiction and stretch the mighty dollar.

Shopping Bargain:

Being a busy MOM of 5 kiddos, my #1 can’t live without MOM tool would be my planner/calendar binder. I have it filled with a variety of fillers. My favorite ones are from The Busy Woman – they are perfect for this busy MOM. Right now The Busy Woman is having a MOVING sale – 75% off their products. NOW that’s what I call a Shopping Bargain!

Go check out this amazing shopping bargain at

Coupons for Printing:

Can you say “ REAL SAVINGS – REAL SIMPLE”? That is exactly what the Short Cuts grocery coupon program is all about.

No printing, no remember to bring my coupons to the store with me. I just log on to choose the coupon savings I want, and they link the coupons directly to my chosen grocery store shopping/savings card. So, when I check out at my local grocery store my coupons automatically are deducted after I swipe my card. I agree with their slogan “REAL SAVINGS -REAL SIMPLE”.

I had to register at the site and choose a grocery store. Not all grocery stores are part of the program, but there is a good list available. I was able to choose QFC as we have 2 of them in our little city of Gig Harbor.

This week I found these great coupons and linked them to my QFC shopping card. I am ready for the savings to begin!

50¢ off 2 boxes of Betty Crocker brownie mix
60¢ off 2 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies
40¢ off one box of Go-Gurts
55¢ off Honey Nut Cheerios

Comment and share your thrifty finds with the 24/7 MOMS.


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1 Response to Thrifty Tuesday Finds

  1. I posted a thrifty DVD find at my blog – basically I saved 52% on the Andromeda series (list 169.98 I paid 84.86) and Harry Potter 1-5 (119.97 for boxed set or 144.90 for all individually) by paying 137.86 at Walmrat.

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