Valentine Idea #5 – Valentine Fun with cards

Do you remember your elementary school Valentine’s Day parties? My favorite part was passing out and receiving the classmate Valentine cards then sitting at my desk opening each card.

Today I have a fun idea to bring back those childhood memories. Purchase a box of inexpensive classmate exchange Valentine cards. Now the fun begins.

1. On the night of February 13th sneak out to your husband’s car and place these Valentine cards all over the interior of his car. You may want to use tape to secure them. Won’t he be surprised to find his car has been attacked with Valentine cards.

2. After your children have fallen asleep on February 13th sneak into their bedrooms and/or bathrooms and place Valentine cards all over these rooms. What a surprise when they wake up to a festive room filled with Valentines.

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1 Response to Valentine Idea #5 – Valentine Fun with cards

  1. Pamela says:

    what a cute idea, I will let you know how it goes….

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