iFrogz Solves My Dilemma

Several weeks ago we took Caleb (my 9 yo son) to another specialist, to continue our search for answers and assistance in the how to help Caleb continue to move forward in his academic world. During our visit the Doctor suggested that we begin having Caleb listen to stories on CD to encourage his brain to imagine along with triggering his memory as he listens to the stories.

Great idea. However Caleb does not like noise, radios or music. You will often see Caleb cover his ears to avoid the noise. So, how was I going to convince Caleb to listen to stories on CD?
First I needed to find a selection of interesting stories that would intrigues Caleb. I discovered Adventures in Odyssey. I did have to first convince him to please just listen for a few minuets. Now he is addicted to listening to them.
Second I needed to find headphones that Caleb would wear. I had tried several types from ear buds to those ear phones that hook on your ears all of which he would remove. To him they were just not comfortable. However the rest of the family was not so interested in riding down the road on a daily basis listening to Caleb’s stories on CD. I found a solution: The iFrogz EarPollution TOXIX headphones. Caleb now rides in our car listening to his Adventures in Odyssey allowing his imagination to soar and the rest of the Novotny’s love that they no longer have to listen along with him.
The iFrogz are comfortable, stylish and are available to customize.

Check out The complete line of EarPollution headphones by iFrogz they have three styles, both on-ear and earbud, of headphones that can be completely customized – headband, side piece, hinge, graphic, earcuff, etc. Prices range from $19.99 to 34.99 and are a great way to have a stylish and personalized pair of headphones for back to school.



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