>Winner of MOMtourage Beach Bag

>The MOMtourage Beach Bag Includes

Trendsetters looking to make a statement on their next vacation will have to look no further than Reisenthel (http://www.reisenthel.com/). The latest collection to be released maintains the brand’s commitment to superior design and quality and adds the element of surprise with unique materials and detailed styling. For boating enthusiasts, Reisenthel has taken the lead in creating a group of products that give the feeling of sailing even on land.

Cruise to shopping destinations or a day at sea with the roomy streetshopper made from original sail material used on ships, with handles made from ship’s rope. Six bold designs borrow elements from the international code of signals. Long carry handles provide stability, and six large inner pockets feature various capacities. The streetshopper also incorporates an extra zip pouch with karabiner hook and strap. Capacity is an impressive 35 lbs!

The Sport camera is an easy-to-use single use camera that allows for digital pictures and traditional, high-quality prints. The camera contains premium KODAK Ultra Max 800 speed film for clearer, sharper pictures than any other underwater camera.
· It is waterproof up to 50 feet (15 meters) underwater.
· It has a rugged, durable, shock-proof rubber shell (great to just throw in your travel bag or beach bag)
· The lens is sunscreen and scratch resistant to avoid blurry or damaged pictures from water spots, sand or sunscreen etc.

Cinzia Designs is an eyewear and manufacturer offering modern and trendy designs in reading glasses, sun wear, mini eyewear handbags and ZIAs-chic eyewear necklaces. When Cinzia founder and head designer Cynthia Shapiro first started reaching for readers, she immediately saw the need for a fashionable, fun and functional approach to reading glasses. Cinzia Designs creates sophisticated eyewear accessories for the art of reading. At Cinzia, readers do more than magnify your vision; they magnify your style. Handmade, limited edition eyewear holders do more than hold your glasses; they hold together your whole look.
Cinzia Designs is a division of Europa International, an eyeglass manufacturer known around the world for high-quality and high fashion eyewear as well as a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Cinzia, founded in 2002, draws on the unparalleled knowledge acquired from Europa’s 30 plus years in the optical industry.
Style Name: Vivid
Description/Materials: Layered handmade acetate frame with spring hinges, Cinzia plaque and UV400 lenses.
Available Colors: Magenta & Army Green

The Sansa slotRadio player by SanDisk is a tiny new music player that comes pre-loaded with 1,000 songs from Billboard chart-topping artists and arranged into seven playlists by genre such as Contemporary, Alternative, Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Workout and Chillout, so there are tunes to please everyone. No need to spend hours downloading songs and creating playlists – all the work is done for you – just toss it in the beach bag and rock out to great tunes all day while enjoying the sand and sun.
Features include:
· FM tuner – so you can still jam to your favorite stations
· Integrated belt clip for hands-free listening – great for running on the beach, Frisbee, volleyball, etc.
· Weighs 1.3 oz and is the size of a matchbook – won’t take up valuable beach bag room
· Up to 13 hours of battery life between charges – no running out of juice during a day at the beach
· Additional genre-specific cards – Rock, Oldies, R&B/Hip Hop, Country, Daily Mix and 80’s & 90’s – are also available for those who love to rock out to a particular genre
The player is currently being sold online at http://www.slotradio.com/ and at Radio Shacks nationwide

Zulugrass is, durable, versatile and most importantly colorfast. Perfect for the beach to the night out: you no longer need to worry about your bracelet, necklace, hair tie etc. because Zulugrass allows you to get several styles a few lightweight strands. Further, depending on the color and amount of strands used- the look can be as subdued or as colorful you want- just a couple twists or an added strand and you have literally dozens of styles.
The Leakey Collection is available in over 1200 stores nationwide or on line at http://www.leakeycollection.com/

· Take One & Take Two by New York Times bestselling author, Karen Kingsbury – Two unknown producers struggle to fulfill their dreams to change lives through the power of film. With millions of investors’ dollars on the line, everything starts to fall apart and they realize they may be in over their heads. Is it possible to beat the odds and make a movie unlike anything ever done before? Or, will they lose everything in the process?

· Snow Melts in Spring by debut author Deborah Vogts – Mattie Evans, a young veterinarian in rural Kansas, saves a horse injured in a terrible accident. But she also finds herself t ending the wounded relationship between a prodigal son and his ailing father. Love, conflict, forgiveness, and renewal drive the first book of the Seasons of the Tallgrass series.

· Tour de Force by bestselling author Elizabeth White – Gillian Kincade is a rising New York ballet star. When Jacob Ferrar—artistic director of a small, regional company—casts Gilly in his compelling ballet, it seems like a match made in heaven. But unexpected challenges and career conflicts soon have the couple questioning whether they’re truly following God’s direction – or their own. http://www.zondervan.com/

Nippies Natural is the first adhesive silicone nipple cover that is thin and matte, making it undetectable under clothing and swimsuits. The adhesive version is best worn in place of a bra for fail-proof coverage or in the water. The non-adhesive version, ideally tucked into bras, stays securely in place using body heat. Both versions are washable/waterproof/reusable, making it a budget-friendly find that you can wear during the day at the pool or out to dinner with your hubby.

For ‘haute’ mamas who want colorful coverage, Nippies are made from real lingerie fabrics in designer-inspired prints and sparkling sequins. Nippies are soft, stretchy and slightly supportive coverage in over 40 styles that coordinate with any bathing suit or outfit! http://www.bristols6.com/

And the winner is…

Katie Burke!

Katie email us at win247moms@gmail.com

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