Thanks to our sponsors!

Goody Green Bags are eco-trendy reusable bags for the style conscious & environmentally friendly shopper. Goody Green Bag is the perfect accessory to balance the pressure/desire to be green while staying stylish and keeping up with the latest trends!

Kohl’s will award more than $350,000 in scholarships and prizes to more than 2,000 kids, ages 6 through 18, whose volunteer efforts have made a positive impact on their communities.
Alphabet Photography Is the new personalized artwork craze. Create Your Own framed name or choose from their inspirational letters art for the perfect piece of art for your home or to give as a unique gift. Truly a remarkable conversation piece.

Alphabet Photography is the work of Jennifer Blakeley. Jennifer and her husband Sam run the business together, along with their partner Miriam Laundry and other members of their close-knit team. Alphabet Photography is based in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
This project was inspired by a children’s book called “Alphabet City” published in 1999 by Stephen T. Johnson.

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