Keys 4 Kids – Key to daily family devotions

Trisha Novotny
24/7 MOMS Founder

We teach our kids, reading writing and math but do we place enough priority on teaching them to follow Christ? That can be a BIG question and I did not ask it to judge or place mommy guilt on anyone I ask it to myself as well.

Each week my kids arrive home with their homework sheets from school and we make it a priority to accomplish the daily assignments and return them back to school at the end of the week. It allows my kids to get free choosing time on Friday, it tells the teacher their parents are on top of their education, it improves their grades and so on. But is it the ONLY priority I should be teaching my kids?

To me raising my kids to follow Christ is #1 …..but often the day to day task of educating them in this area can easily be pushed aside with the craziness of activities, homework and so many other distractions.

So, what resources are there out there to assist me in teaching my children to follow Christ as a priority?

Over 10 years ago I found a company called CBH ministries who creates Keys 4 Kids daily devotions. A yearly , bi-monthly subscription of keys 4 kids devotion book . They are filled with daily devotions including a story, questions, key verses and more.

This resource is one that I can use any time of the day – during breakfast at bedtime etc. It allows me to inspire my kids in their daily relationship with Christ and is a great family devotional.

Keys 4 kids Unlocks God’s Word for young faith
You can learn more about God’s love every day! Read a fun story and hide God’s Word in your heart with the Key Verse of the day. Check out today’s Key, or look for your favorite story in the archives

Four ways to begin using Keys for Kids in your home

#1 FREE Sample – Check out this sample of Keys for Kids — a bimonthly devotional booklet published by CBH Ministries. The devotional for each day contains a story, a scripture passage, a personal application section, a verse to memorize as well as a “key thought”!

Click here to order your free sample today.

#2 Daily FREEbie –daily Keys for Kids devotional sent to you each day via email – Each one includes a cool story, Bible reading, a Key Verse, and an easy-to-remember Key Thought! Click here to sign-up for Daily Keys for Kids to be sent to your in box.

#3 – One year mail Subscription – bi-monthly Keys for Kids is a two-month publication filled with stories and activities that kids can readily identify with! It teaches relevant truths on a daily basis and helps them learn that success in life is directly related to obeying God’s Word.

Our new policy states that you may receive a single one-year subscription per family at no charge. The suggested donation to cover the cost for one year is $18. If you would like to make a donation towards Keys for Kids, just enter the amount to donate below.

Click here to order your one year mail subscription

#4 – One year devotion books –The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids is available with a great look for a new generation of readers. Each day’s lesson focuses on a key theme. A great way to help kids connect with God! Includes: A contemporary story Application questions Memory Verses Action phrase Spanish language devotionals also available.

There are 3 volumes of kids devotions as well as specific devotion books for boys , girls or families

Click here to view and/or order Keys for Kids devotion books.

Here is a sample of the FREEbie Daily Devotion that you can print from Keys for Kids web site.

“This is quite a storm!” exclaimed Grandpa Wilson, watching from the front porch as the rain poured down. His cottage was right next to a large river.

Ellen and Andy came out to stand beside him. Wide-eyed, they watched the trees blowing in the wind. “Grandpa,” said Andy, “there was a news bulletin on TV, and it said the roads all through this area are impassable-so we can’t get out of here, can we?”

“Not by car,” said Grandpa, “but I’m afraid this whole area might be flooded if the Paranak Dam upriver breaks. I think the best thing for us to do is to get into my boat and head down the river.” So they hastily gathered a few things and set off in Grandpa’s big boat.

As they moved downstream, they stopped at cottages along the way, urging other families to leave, too. Most of the people were unconcerned. “The dam has never broken, and I’m sure it won’t now,” they said. “We’ll be fine.”

At one place, a party was in progress. The people laughed when Grandpa warned them that the river might flood. “Well! Well! If it isn’t just like Noah and his ark!” called one man. “Where are all your animals, Noah?”

Grandpa sighed. “I wish these people would listen,” he said, “but they won’t, so we’ll go on.”

Finally, Grandpa and the children reached a safe place, and not long after that, the dam did break. Tons of water rushed over the river banks, resulting in much loss of life and property. “I feel awful about the people who could have left, but wouldn’t,” said Ellen sadly.

“One guy called Grandpa ‘Noah,’ remember?” asked Andy. “No one believed Noah when he warned them about a flood, just like no one believed us.”

Grandpa shook his head. “Noah and his family were safe because they believed God,” he mused. “They’re a picture of those who trust Christ-only those who have accepted Jesus as personal Savior will be safe when God’s judgment comes.”

“That could come at any time, too, couldn’t it?” Ellen asked.

“That’s right,” Grandpa agreed. “It’s sad when lives are lost because people don’t believe warnings of coming trouble. It’s even more sad when souls are lost because they don’t believe warnings about God’s judgment.”

Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior? Or are you too occupied with a busy schedule or perhaps having too much fun to be concerned? Even when everything seems normal and fine, there may be a storm of trouble coming soon. If you know Jesus, He’ll help you with the storms you face in this life. And when the final storm comes-the time to face God-only those who trust in Jesus as Savior will be safe. Turn to Him now. Don’t put it off! (See the ABCs of Salvation at the end of this book.)

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? Hebrews 2:3

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