>Day 9 – We are Thankful for family memories – Thanksgiving Countdown Activities

In our home we are counting down the days until Thanksgiving with daily activities and conversations that inspire my family to have an attitude of gratitude along with a spirit 0f giving.

Day 9 – We are Thankful for family memories.
Start a Gratitude journal or scrapbook with your children.

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Gratitude Journals
This year we will begin a new tradition of writing in our Gratitude Journal . My creative friend Valerie gave me the perfect journal that she dolled up.

She purchased journals at a local craft store. and then glued a simple tag the front that reads :”Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal”.

Inside she typed out instructions on Card stock and glued them to the first page.

The Instructions say: This Journal is for keeping our annual record of blessings and Thanksgivings we have enjoyed over the past year. May it serve as a reminder of all the great things God has done for each and every one of us. Just pass the journal around after dinner, or during dessert. Just make sure each and every guest shares their thanks. May God continue his blessings for years to come, until we meet again. Started Thanksgiving 2009.

Pick up an inexpensive simple journal and begin yours this year.

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