>APP of the week – iFeast for Thanksgiving

>If you agree that one of the trickiest parts of hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is keeping your sanity while making sure that everything is ready at the same time, then iFeast is for you.

While there are a range of apps that feature recipes, support party planning, and even create shopping lists, iFeast is the only one that allows you to keep track of your day — and preserve your sanity — by providing pre-programmed but fully customizable minute-by-minute prep and cook timings and instructions — with alerts — for preparing the perfect Holiday Feast.

Features include:

  • Prep and cook times and instructions for every aspect of the meal – not only recipes, but also tasks such as setting the table and chilling the wine
  • Notifications to alert you when each task begins and ends, even when the app is closed!
  • Four pre-programmed menus: Novice, All at Once, Early Bird and Night Owl – choose these and amend as desired or create your own from scratch
  • Shopping lists created from any of your pre-programmed or saved menus
  • Over 20 classic Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes – use simply as a guide for timings or to create your own Feast
  • The ability to select the time you plan to eat – iFeast will alter all times accordingly

Click here to purchase your iFeast app today

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