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Hey, Moms Have you heard about the Unilever program called The Family Dish the new website encouraging families to spend more quality time together by cooking in the kitchen. This Thanksgiving holiday, The Family Dish wants to help keep your turkey day and weekend stress-free by offering time-saving recipes and ways to get your family cooking together and having more fun.

Every mother dreams of a little help in the kitchen, while also looking for ways to spend more quality time with her family. To help get Moms and their families into the kitchen cooking together, Unilever, makers of Ragú®, Hellmann’s® / Best Food’s®, Skippy®, Knorr®, and Lipton® Recipe Secrets®, created “The Family Dish… A Recipe for Fun.” This Mom-friendly resource includes real-life recipes, meal preparation tips and just-in-time advice to help families discover the joys of cooking together.

“Cooking is a great creative outlet, and the simple acts of mixing and measuring together, alongside family members, can lead to amazing conversations and memories that last a lifetime,” says Anna Marie Cesario and Lauren Dellabella, Unilever Consumer Kitchens Moms and advisors to The Family Dish program.
Try these tips:

1. Pique Their Interest:
Start by thinking about your family’s food preferences. If they love Italian or Mexican food, ask if they want to surf the web for an interesting recipe they would enjoy cooking together. You can
even download episodes of their favorite cooking shows to watch together.

2. Get Them to Plug into You:
Today’s families are in front of the computer screen as much if not more often than the TV screen. Designate the kitchen as a technology-free zone. No blackberry
or iPhones allowed while you cook, talk and simply spend time together. Kick-off the
conversation with something current and relevant that your family can relate to and
would enjoy discussing.

3. Redefine Text(ing):
Demonstrate the basics by cooking alongside them. Start by teaching them to read a recipe all the way through. Show them the importance of paying attention to measuring and the difference between ingredients. And, be sure to touch on the importance of food safety with hand washing
and proper handling of raw foods such as eggs, meat and poultry.

4. Show them “IMing” can also mean Impressive Mom-ing:
Teach your family the cooking tips you’ve mastered. Even something as simple as smashing garlic cloves with the side of a knife blade or rolling a room temperature lemon before slicing it
to be sure to squeeze out all of its juice are the little things they’ll remember. And, they’ll cherish
the memory of you teaching it to them!

5. Learn as you go:
For Moms who are still fine-tuning their own culinary expertise, use this as an opportunity for you and your family to learn together. Seeing that Mom is still open to learning new things may open the door to conversations that may not have ordinarily occurred.

6. Don’t mind the mess:
Instead, go with the flow, have fun and then share in the clean up. Show your family that dirty pots and pans and a sink full of dishes are no match for your clean-up crew!

7. Celebrate success:
Encourage and celebrate their culinary creations and remember it’s the effort, not the outcome that’s important. Remember that even the simplest of time spent together in the kitchen can turn into the best of memories… and good food!

Stop by The Family Dish website for amazing family recipes including a yummy Smashed Potatoes recipe perfect for your Thanksgiving meal. Click here to go to The Family Dish site now.

Our family favorite since I was a little girl has been the simple Lipton onion chip dip passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me and now to my girls. A classic recipe but a family favorite. Click here for recipe


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