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Time Management Tips for December

by Leslie Pleasant Home Keeping Editor


Staying on top of everything during the month of December can be very challenging and overwhelming.I have never understood how anyone can wait till the day/s before Christmas to do their shopping or to finally give you an answer if they are coming over for Christmas dinner.Do they not understand what all takes place on planning a Christmas dinner…are they not as thoughtful because they are just getting the left over gifts at the store?Or is it because they don’t “time manage” themselves very well… they don’t have a “plan”.


Here are some shortcuts to save time during this crazy month.In hopes to let you relax a little bit…. let you enjoy more of this wonderful month!.


Buy as it goes on sale

Don’t wait till the last week to buy everything you need for that Christmas dinner or baking cookies.Start now!Do research now of what cookies you want to make….what you are having for Christmas dinner.Start making your shopping list.Now you can keep an eye out for those items to go on sale.Plus it can relieve some stress by slowly doing it.Don’t you also feel good when you get a good deal on something!So not only are you saving money but you are saving time.Start placing all of your non perishable foods that you buy for the events in a separate area of the house.That way you don’t forget about them and can keep track of them better.Large plastic bins work great!.




Purchase Online

How many trips do the different stores do you do in the month of December?Probably a lot!Between the holiday parties, Christmas concerts, baking, decorating, and our normal daily activities shopping can really fill up all of our free time that we have left.Why not cut that in half and do some of your shopping online.Most companies have free shipping after you spend a certain dollar amount.Try using a store that has a variety of items… clothes, tools, etc…Amazon is great for that.Just look for their free shipping over $25.00 items.I know it can be a little scary to purchase items online.Just stick with companies that you know of… maybe avoid a company that you have never heard of before.



Make Meals Ahead of Time

If you are hosting dinner for Christmas or going someplace else the last thing you want to have to stress about is all the food that you need to make or bring.There are many dishes that you can make now and freeze until that day.Try http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food/quick/make-ahead-meal-recipes

for some great recipes ideas.

Quick Tips:

– Properly make sure the food is cooled before placing in freezer

– Make sure it is sealed really well… double bag it or wrap it if need to

– Check online if you are not sure if something can be frozen and then reheated.Google it!

– Store items that you are going to heat them in.


Leave the Kids Behind

Bringing children with you to the stores not only makes you feel rushed but can really make the shopping experience not so much fun.There are some stores that have a kid section that you can leave them at while you shop… like Fred Meyers.Otherwise see if you can find someone to watch them.If you live somewhere where you don’t know of anyone try joining a moms group in your area.They all have kids and can totally relate to you.I am sure you will be able to find someone to help watch your kids for a relaxing shopping experience and you will accomplish more.


Limit the Number of Events

With so much going on in the month of December… saying “yes” to all the events could set you back.Pick and choose which ones are important and which ones you don’t really need to attend.Make sure to leave time for yourself and time with your family.Remember to keep track with your calendar with everything going on.Good tip is to make a December calendar and place on your fridge.That way everyone in your family knows what is going on each day.Block out dates to reserve just for your family.





This month always seems to go by way too fast.With all the preparations that go into having Christmas remember to slow down once in awhile to enjoy it!

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