>We Have An Elf Roaming Our Halls – The Elf On The Shelf

>A little visitor has been arriving at the Novotny home for the past three years who we have affectionately named him Alfie.

It all began three years ago the morning after Dad read the story The Elf on the Shelf to Caleb and Nate-no. That morning the boys came screeching into our bedroom full of giggles and wiggles looking a little like they were dancing in circles. They were so filled with excitement that they had found Alfie sitting on top of the cabinets in our bonus room, and that he was actually looking at them. They were positive Alfie’s eyes were following them around the room.

Alfie quickly became an annual Christmas tradition in our home. Alfie’s job is to keep his elf eyes on our children each day keeping track of their naughty and nice behaviors, then fly off each night and report each day’s results directly to the man in red – Santa Claus. Alfie then returns to the Novotny home each morning, landing in a new location to be discovered by the Novotny children.

Nate has been heard trying to convince the children at school that he has a resident elf at his house. He have even brought friends over to prove it. What a surprise it is for his friends to actually see that Alfie exists.

If you have not discovered this new Christmas tradition, “Elf on the Shelf”, I recommend that you add it to your family Christmas traditions.

The Elf on the Shelf kit comes complete with a story book and elf which you and your children are given the task to name.


Send your Elf on the Shelf stories to trisha@247moms.com or leave your comments here on the 24/7 MOMS blog.

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