>"Mom, we really aren’t related to dad are we?"


“Mom, we really aren’t related to dad are we?” were the words that came out of Nate-no’s mouth while eating at the Olive Garden on our recent date night. Nate-no and I had been chatting about various topics, he is always full of stories, questions and lots of laughs.

Just about the time the waitress was delivering our bill he began informing me that he and his siblings really were not related to their dad. First, I was surprised by his comment wondering who on earth did Nate-no think his dad really was? Then he continued on telling me that since he grew inside of me and not the man he calls dad that meant he was related to me and not his dad. Which is why his siblings also are not related.

I had to keep myself from completely loosing it as I was not only listening to him telling me this bit of news but I also observed our waitress listening in on this conversation. I was thinking at first the waitress was probably wondering if this child had just discovered that the man he had been calling dad since birth was really not his biological dad . Until Nate-no went on to tell me it was all because he did not grow inside of his dad. WHEW! Glad to know there is not some impostor telling Nate-no that the man we call dad in our home really is not the dad.

Don’t you love how kids minds think? No, I did not give in and tell Nate-no all about the birds and the bees. That is the Dad’s job to break it to him of why he really is related to him even if he did not grow inside of him.

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