>28 Day Project Challenge

>With long lists of projects that I would like to complete in 2011 I began to think that possibly I needed a challenge to assist me in checking off my list. So, beginning February 1st I am challenging myself to check off one project each day for 28 days – Do you want to join me?

This week I’m working on creating my list of 28 projects to complete in February – these projects can consist of ones that take only minutes to complete or maybe an entire day. The goal is to accomplish projects not to get overwhelmed by them.

Ready to get started? Grab a notebook or sheet of paper and begin writing out 28 projects you would like to complete in February. You can either assign these to particular days in the month or each day choose a project that fits into your day from your list.

My projects will include things such as cleaning out the kitchen drawers, taking a child’s bike in for repairs to creating a new list of dinner ideas and even making Dad’s Valentine gift this year.

Let’s get started making our lists and I’ll check back in with you next week as we begin our 28 day project challenge on February 1st.

What will be on your List?

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