>14 Days of Valentine Countdown Fun Activity Ideas

Count down the days until Valentines day
by providing your kids with various fun activities each day beginning February 1st – we have created a list of 28 ideas to get you started.

Click here for simple DIY advent calenders you can create.

14 Days of Valentine Fun Ideas:

1. Present advent calendars to your children
2. Game Night – play a fun game or game of hearts Click here for details
3. Movie night – watch a LOVE movie such as Lady and the Tramp or Cheaper by the dozen.
4. Create Classmate exchanges or purchase store bought ones and address them
5. Choose names fro SECRET acts of lovliness –
The name they choose is who they will do secret acts of Lovliness (kindness) – Click here for details
6. Make Valentine treats – Click here for ideas
7. Have a chocolate fondu
Click here for details
8. Serve Sparkling cider with dinner
9. Bake Valentine cookies together- even if they are slice and bake
10. Paint Valentine scenes on your windows
11. Make Valentines day cards for family members
12. Decorate your house or kitchen table in Red and Pink
13. Make Valentine gifts for family, friends and teachers.
Click here for details
14. Host a Valentine party or tea for moms and kids
15. Red and Pink night….Serve food in these colors, decorate the table in these colors.
16. Make a paper chain garland countdown with red, whit and pink paper.
17. Ice Cream night ..make sundaes or go out
18. Heart hunt – hide heart candies
Click here for details

19. Love thy neighbor ( ring and run) Click here for details
20. Host a Sweet Swap. Click here for details
21. Make PINK Rice Krispie treats
22. Make pink or red Jell-O.
23. Have a hot chocolate bar.
Click here for details

24. Do a family puzzle.
25. Make chocolate dipped pretzels.
26. Go on a bike ride, play an outside game.
27. Read bible verses that have to do with LOVE.
28. Read Valentine theme books you can borrow from the library.

For simple Advent countdown ideas click here

What fun ideas do you have to count down the days until Valentines day?

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