>Super Bowl Party Ideas


Super Bowl is right around the corner. I don’t watch football unless I have to…. However, I love throwing parties. Even if its a couple people coming over to watch the game you can really have fun with decorating and being the best hostess ever. 🙂
Start with invites. Usually you are emailing people or calling them. Letting them know what to bring and what time to come over. Plan this out in advance. You figure out what YOU want to make first then send an email out with the other items you need.
Still need:
Chips and Dip
Vegy Tray
That way you don’t have everyone bringing the same thing. Try to leave some easy stuff for the men to bring. They usually like to just bring something they can pick up at the grocery store already made.
Have a beverage area. Isn’t it wonderful when you go to someone else’s home and you don’t have to ask for anything. You want your guest to feel comfortable right? Set up mulitple drinks for your guest to choose from. Always make sure you have water and kid friendly drinks (if kids will be there).

If you are rooting for a team to win… perhaps decorate using that teams colors. Or if undecided you can use both teams combined. Here are some ideas to have a festive Super Bowl party!!
Candy Station:
Have a small table set up lots of different candies. Use the team colors to help you out and place the candies in various sized glass bowls, vases and dishes.

Pom Pom’s:
These can be used to decorate and fun for kids to play with. You can hang them from the ceiling and lay them around the room. Make them in the team colors that you wish. Click here for how-to.

Turf Tablecloth:
Go to your local Home Store and you can purchase Turf off of a bolt to what size you need. Use this as a table runner or table cloth. You can even add some decorative look to it by adding some colored Duck Tape to make it look like a field with lines. Later you can put this in your kids rooms or play room if they are a foot ball fan.
Keep everyone involved. If there are people there that aren’t really into football this will get them involved and make it more fun for them. Also sets the house with a little bit of friendly competition. Click here for game ideas.
Party Favors:
Your guests usually arrive with a gift so why not send them home with one. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Get little pails from the Dollar Tree or Target. Put some crinkled paper in them and fill them with whatever you like. You could even fill them with Football theme stuff… Football chocolates, Football playing cards, Football necklace (i have seen these at JoAnn’s in there dollar section), Football tatoo’s, etc…
Make your Own Labels:
Make some labels and put on your Water bottles, Cup cake wrappers, Food labels, Name tags, Decorate straws, etc… Click here for FREE football printables! You can also make your own in a word document and print them out. You can have a lot of fun decorating with labels. Your guests will be amazed!
Recycle/Garbage Station:
Have all your garbage cans/recycle cans labeled and out by where all the action is. So your guests don’t have to go far to throw stuff away.

Have fun at your party! Parties are supposed to relaxing and a time to spend with friends and family. The more you get done before hand the more relaxed you will be…. and your guests!
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