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The Real Tooth Fairies world targets girls ages 5-10, and introduces them to the glowing magical realm, Real Fairyland. At last, Earthies of all ages find the answers to questions they’ve had: “Who is the tooth fairy? Where does she take my teeth? Where does she live?” Real Fairyland, which the kids explore on the interactive and personalized website, is a rich world, including a diverse cast of characters, exciting settings (from the Jewel Garden to the Royal Castle to Real Furryland), loads of interactive play, and an ecommerce site. Girls go online to Magic Message their Real Tooth Fairy anytime with their latest achievement or news, and the Real Tooth Fairy can deliver a Magic Letter straight to the child’s pillow – personalized to the news she shared in her Magic Message!


Earthie Girls also appear on the site, sharing their experiences with their Real Tooth Fairies, dancing in music videos, and showing how it all works – like making your own Real Dream Tree that grows in the Tower of Dreams. Earthies send in their own videos, photos of their kindnesses, and lost tooth stories — so girls share with each other.


This brand has a strong focus on positive values and character-building. Not only are the Real Tooth Fairies admirable role models, as they emphasize goal-setting, education, and believing in your dreams, the website also features a kindness program, Every Kindness Counts, that encourages children to perform acts of kindness in their daily life. This program includes an incentive system of picking Kindness Tickets to do, then completing Kindness tickets and moving up the Kindness levels. This is easily tracked for each child as they move up the levels on the website, earning Award Ribbons and Kindness Charms. Every Earthie act of kindness raises the Earth’s Glow Score for the day! The 20 Lost Tooth Virtues – one for each lost tooth, add to the pro-social elements of the site.


Fairy-themed products are available for purchase to bring the magic home for girls. Each item comes from a different shop on Magic Street in Real Fairyland. Products include an award-winning book series, Kindness Kits tied to the online Kindness activities, Fairy room décor, lost tooth surprises, personalized Magic Letters from the Real Tooth Fairy (with parental permission of course) and so much more. The site has a unique Parents Only Zone, filled with ideas and fun for parents of tooth-losing girls.


The Real Tooth Fairies world is targeted to girls, but a boy’s website is in development, by an affiliated entity, Bollinger Associates, that features the Time Travel Elffs, action heroes who protect Earth history from Gloom shadows. They join the Real Tooth Fairies to deliver action for boys. More Real Tooth Fairy books, dolls, & more are in the works.

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and The Real Tooth Fairies are giving away a Real Tooth Fairies Gift Basket.

Enter for your chance to win:

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2. If you are already a subscriber just leave a comment that you are a subscriber along with your email address.

US entries only and one entry per person. Winner will be chosen on February 12, 2011.

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**We received a complimentary The Real Tooth Fairies products for review no financial compensation was received.

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