>Books that Keep Me Organized

>By Trisha

Seventeen years ago, when baby number three arrived, I knew it was time to take my position as CFO (Chief Family Officer) seriously. So, I begin reading every book I could get my hands on about home organization and managing my new family empire of three kids, my husband and a dog.

I did not want to spend my days digging, searching and tearing my hair out for lost items, misplaced car keys or see 5 p.m. on my clock and wonder what I was going to feed my family for dinner that night, and find dishes still in the sink from breakfast. I knew it was time to educate myself in this role as CFO.

Over the years I am often asked what books have inspired and assisted me in my journey of being the CFO of my home (I now have five kids.) Here is my list of top books that have kept me organized: To read the full article and see my list of books click here.

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