>Beautiful Eyes

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Did you know that your eyes were made to be beautiful? “They sparkle like jewels with their own moisture. Whether they are brown or blue, gray or green or hazel, they are the only natural spots of true color in the face. And consider their setting. Could any jeweler do better for his finest gem than that shining white background, that frame of lashes, that shadowy hollow between cheekbone and eyebrow ridge? While above, the eyebrow sweeps up and out in emphasis, final flourish of the artist’s brush! If they never expressed a thought or communicated an emotion, your eyes would still be beautiful.


Attached to your eyeballs are those six fine, silk-like little muscles which can be exercised and strengthened like all other muscles of the body. Here are two simple eye drills, which take only a few minutes a day that can greatly improve the looks and function of the eyes:


1. Turn your head from side to side as if saying an emphatic “no.” Do this ten times.

2. Hold your index finger or a pencil about ten inches away from your eyes. Look at its tip, then into the distance. Do this ten times.”


~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser, beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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