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24/7 MOMS weekly Beauty quote:
By: Karen Pecota
“The hands are always on parade, and their defects cannot be covered by makeup. The hands, even more than the face, are constantly exposed to wind, weather and irritants, and need special attention. One reason the hands often look older than the face is that the skin of the hands has fewer oil cells than the skin on the face; therefore the skin on the hands dries out much more quickly. 
To counteract the excessive drying effects of detergents and soaps, women must give special outside attention to their hands. Here are a few daily tips:
1. Dermatologists tell us that most household tasks could be done with only half as much detergent as women ordinarily use.
2. Fatty soaps are kinder to the hands.
3. For hard working hands – after washing the hands with soap and water, you can help the skin re-establish its normal healthy acid mantle with a few drops of lemon juice massaged into the skin on your hands.
There is nothing surprising about these facts but keep in mind that the skin on both the hands and face depends upon sound nutrition.” 
~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser, beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
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