>Special Spring Break Ideas


Spring break offers the last extended break for children before summer begins. This year, think about different ways to celebrate this time off from school with a special trip, vacation or family planned activity that will elicit smiles from the little ones – big or small.

· Visit the Relatives

For families that live a long distance away from other family members, spring break can allow for a surprise visit outside of standard holidays and get-togethers. This spring, consider surprising your family with a special visit from the grand kids, nieces or nephews and bring everyone together again. During road trips, you and the kids can spot license plates from other states and try to name the capital of each plate’s state. You can also play funny storytelling games where you start the first sentence of the story, your child has to make up the next part of the story and then the next person in the car takes a turn and so on. Soon you will have a wacky hodgepodge of a story that everyone improvised together.

· Frugal Family Fun

You don’t have to spend a lot to have fun with the kids during spring break this year. Try staying in and creating a life-sized self-portrait. Visit your local crafts store and purchase a giant piece of paper that is as tall as your son or daughter. You can even try using butcher paper from your deli, which could work also. Once you have your paper, lay it on the ground at home and have your child lie on it while you trace his or her entire body on the paper. Once you have the basic form, your child can go to town decorating it and drawing whatever he or she wants on the form. When your child is finished, take a picture of the self-portrait with the artist standing next to it.

· Go Local

If a big trip isn’t in the cards this spring break, try something local. Consider taking your children to the premier of the newest movie they are dying to see. It will cost a little more than a normal matinee, but they will feel special when they know they have seen the film before anyone else and will likely want to brag about it. Doing this lets you show your child you understand their world, makes you feel like a rock-star mom and gives you the chance to share the movie details with friends who might be considering a film outing for their own family.

Anna from Kumon shared these fun ideas.

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