>Packing Green Lunches For St. Patrick’s Day


Create St. Patrick’s day fun for your little Leprechaun hunting kids by packing or serving them a GREEN lunch.

Green Lunch Ideas:

Main dish:
Bagel with Green Cream cheese (food coloring)
Sandwich with Green dyed homemade bread
Pasta with Green pesto sauce
Pasta with green Alfredo sauce ( food coloring)
peanut butter w/green apple jelly

Green Veggies:

Green beans

Green Snap peas

Green Fruits:
Green apples
Green Grapes

Honey Dew melon

Green Sweets and Treats:
Bag of Green Sour Skittles
Bag of Green Wonka Spree’s
Green Frosted cookies or cupcakes
Green Lime jell-o
Green pistachio pudding
Green Trix Yogurt ( strawberry/kiwi)
Lime sherbet
Green rice krispie treats ( food coloring)
Green fruit roll up
Green M&M’s
Green Bag of Chips
Green Fishy Crackers

Color to make Green: (using food coloring):

Cream Cheese
Home made bread

Green Drinks:
Green container of Apple juice box
Smoothies – (food coloring)
Milk ( food coloring)
Green Sport Drink
And don’t forget the Green Napkin, straw, plastic ware, green lunch sack and green note from you.

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

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