>Green Food all day For St. Patrick’s Day

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Celebrate this St. Patrick’s day by serving GREEN meals to your family
Table Fun:  
Decorate your kitchen table in green and gold for any or all of your meals on ST. Patrick’s day.  

Green Breakfast:  
– Serve kids Lucky charms with green milk

–  Use green food coloring and serve your kids green scones, green eggs, green pancakes or waffles, green milk,or green gravy and biscuits.

Green Lunch:
Serve or pack in your children’s lunches today green apples, green apple juice, celery sticks and green colored dip, green yogurt, green pudding, green Jell-O, KIWI fruit, green grapes, etc.
Green Dinner:   
Serve green foods like pesto pasta, green colored mashed potatoes, green gravy, green salad, broccoli,  or the traditional corn beef and green cabbage and don’t forget green drinks like green Italian sodas or add green food coloring to lemon lime sodas.
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