>Reduce Financial and Personal Disaster – Be Prepared!

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 Amy Hannold
247Moms Frugal Living Editor

Emergency and disaster events going on in Japan has Americans thinking about their emergency preparedness.  March is Red Cross Month; a visit to the Red Cross website http://www.redcross.org/
can get your family ready for an emergency.  The Red Cross encourages everyone to “Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Be Informed”.  Their website features a guide on each of those three steps, which you can print and share.  “Be Red Cross Ready” – here are a few more resources:
Free Emergency Contact Card (Free Download at RedCross.org):
Print this valuable document (onto cardstock paper for best longevity), fill it out and communicate with those close to you – today!
Be sure to visit the Emergency “Preparedness Fast Facts” page, located on the Red Cross website, which gives you immediate, printable access to a number of Red Cross tip sheets.  Read about the emergency circumstances that pertain to you:  pets, older relatives, earthquakes, fire, special needs, etc.
Disasters and Financial Planning; A Guide For Preparedness:
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has prepared this guide so that families may incur as little financial disaster a possible a result of emergencies. 
Download this valuable guide.  Comprehensively and in plain language, it informs you of what you can do to be prepared for several types of emergencies. 
“What’s in it?” Comprehensive information on creating a disaster plan, emergency kit, proper storage of vital documents, estate planning, property protection/insurance, and more.  There is also a “Disaster Recovery; a Guide to Financial Issues” which can assist you through the steps towards stability following a disaster.  Finding help, locating important documents, employment and cash flow issues are addressed:
Ready.gov – For the Kids
Talking with your kids about emergencies is made easier with the Ready.gov’s “Ready Kids” webpage.  Puzzles, games, a printable “Just in Case” plan, and more await you.  Your kids can graduate from “Readiness U” – and the family is provided communication ideas on the “Communicate” page – so, get talking!:
Ready.gov is also essential reading for adults – the most important form on this website is the Family Emergency Plan.  Print and complete this form, then exchange it with those who will be vital to you following an emergency:
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