>April Fools Day Family Prank Ideas


 Get Ready to create some fun April fools pranks on your family with these creative ideas

Fauxberry Pie 

From Family Fun

At first glance, a slice of this pie appears to offer something sweet: chocolate filling topped with strawberry whipped cream. But unsuspecting diners are in for a surprise…. It’s really a shepherd’s pie in disguise! Cocoa, molasses, and barbecue sauce give the meat its chocolaty color, while whipped potatoes infused with beet juice complete the deception. The best part of the prank is that you’re also making dinner! 

Click here for recipe


Gag Lunch

From Family Fun

April 1st is a day for fooling, so why not make a little mischief this year? Here’s an idea for good-humored high jinks that will bring a smile whether you’re the trickster or the target.

 Can’t Un-Ziplock: 


  • Sandwich
  • Sandwich bags
  • Double-sided scrapbook tape


Hungry April fools will be trying hard to wrestle the goods out of one of these special sandwich bags. The reason? The opening is discreetly sealed with a thin line of clear adhesive strip. To set up the prank, zip the bag closed and place a length of double-sided scrapbook tape (we used Zips Ultra Thin Clear Adhesive Lines) on one of the flaps just above the closure. Firmly press the flaps together to make them stick. 

Wormy Apple


  • Apple
  • Gummy worm
  • Plastic ballpoint pen


The creature wiggling out of this apple will make an April Fools’ Day lunch both silly and sweet. Use a plastic ballpoint pen, washed and with the ink cartridge removed, to bore a hole in the fruit, then insert a gummy worm. (Don’t make it the night before, or the worm may get mushy.) 

Snack Switcheroo


  • Snack bag
  • Baby carrots
  • Double-sided tap


The joke in this snack-sized scheme is let out of the bag as soon as your target realizes the contents don’t match the label. Make the switch by carefully opening a snack bag along the top seam. Empty out the original contents and fill the bag with another edible item (we filled a cheese puff bag with baby carrots). Add a playful message such as “April Fools!,” then use a strip of double-sided tape to reseal the bag along the seam.

Blue Milk
from: Martha Stewart

Put blue food coloring in the milk the night before April Fools’ Day, and watch your childrens’ eyes widen in surprise the next morning.

  A Savory Surprise

from: Martha Stewart

A mashed-potatoes-and-gravy sundae is a good gag for the afternoon, when everyone thinks the jokes are over.

More April fool Jokes from Tip Junkie: 
Serve things backward; dessert first or breakfast for dinner.Use large bowls and utensils to eat with.
Stretch Cling Wrap in the doorway of your front door – when the kids come run in from school they bump into it.
Sneak into your victims bathroom and fill their hair-dryer with baby powder. When they turn it on, their head will be pure white just like an old person!
Get a small alarm clock and set it for 3:00 a.m. Put it under the victim’s bed so once it goes off they won’t be able to find it.
Stuff shoes with tissue paper down in the toe so you can’t get them on all the way.
Make good use of a rubber cockroach or spider.
Switch out food in wrappers in your child’s lunch.
Switch out drawers in dresser.
Switch out cereal in cereal boxes for breakfast
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