>How to Encourage Our Kids To Eat Healthy

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There are so many things out there that entice kids into eating unhealthy. From fast food restaurants to the commercials on television. It seems as though we are fighting a losing battle. How can we compete with the little toys in the kid’s meals or the colorful animated figures telling even our smallest kids what they should like to eat.
There are a few things you can do to encourage healthy eating. If they start out healthy they are more likely to make healthy choices as they grow.
·      Find the one or two vegetables that your child does like and be sure to serve it often. At this point we have a five year old who loves corn, peas, carrots (raw), and green beans. She’ll also eat broccoli and cauliflower, but only in its raw state with a little ranch dressing. If you’ve only served canned vegetables, try fresh or frozen. Give a small portion and ask them to try one bite. You never know, they might finish and ask for more.
·      Lead by example. You can’t expect your children to enjoy a healthy diet if you don’t. Kids do what their parents do. 
·      Cook at home. Cook at home. Cook at home. This will save you money and be much healthier than eating out. 
·      Limit fast food to once a week. If you hit the drive through because of a busy schedule. Please take a few minutes to make sandwiches and take them with you. Put each child’s lunch in a small brown paper bag and they will enjoy it just as much. 
·      If you don’t want them to eat it, don’t buy it. Having bad food in the house is an open invitation to your children. 
·      Have plenty of raw vegetables and fruits available as a quick snack.
·      And it you have to grind up cooked vegetables and add them to sauces, soups or meatloaves. 
·      Read labels. Most breakfast cereals have more sugar in them than you will want your child to have. We’ve noticed that the cereals with the most colorful pieces will cause our little one to be very naughty.
Kathy McHenry, founder and CEO of www.MyOnlineMeals.com has helped thousands of people put a real dinner on the table. Go to www.MyOnlineMeals.com to receive a free weekly recipe list and shopping list; and to be added to her monthly newsletter. You can reach Kathy by email at Kathy@myonlinemeals.com .
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