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>Time To Spring Aahead .

>MOM Tip – Or should I say Mom reminder.  Don’t forget to set ahead all of your clocks today ( Saturday March 12, 2011).  Including: Oven clockMicrowave clockCar ClockDVD/DVR/ TV ClocksKids alarm clocksWatchesBedroom alarm clockTimed Heater Systems WOW..there are a … Continue reading

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>Fast Oven Cooking Bacon

>MOM Tip: When my family wanted bacon for breakfast the only thing I thought about was the grease splatter mess it was going to make until I discovered several years ago this great simple bacon frying tip – Frying my … Continue reading

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>MOM Tip: FREE 140 Valentines Labels

> MOM Tip: Create free Valentines day labels from Vistaprint to use this year on your Children’s class mate exchanges. These can be used on Valentines you create or ones you purchase. Steps to Create your free labels: Click here … Continue reading

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>MOM Tip: When To Burn When Not To Burn

> MOM Tip: For your local burn ban guidelines on when and how to burn (fireplaces) go to When To Burn website, Just type in your zip code and it lets you know if its safe. Also has outdoor burning. … Continue reading

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>MOM Tip: Simple Potato Peeling – Toss out your peeler

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