>Cali Dairy Council Recipes and web site


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>Fun April Fools Tricks and Pranks


I found these fun tricks and pranks over at Parenting.com and with only a few more days until April fools I thought we moms might be in need of more ideas.  Be sure to check these ideas and more over at Parenting.com

Breakfast Bait and Switch
Swap out sugar for salt and watch Dad put it in his morning cup of coffee. (Have a second, non-salted cup ready to go though).
For more morning fun, take out cereal bags and put them in mismatching boxes. See how long it takes for everyone to find their favorite cereal.

Backwards Dinner
Serve up a topsy-turvy dinner to throw your kids for a loop: bake meatloaf in a 12-cup muffin tin and frost with mashed potatoes for a “cupcakes” dinner — bonus if you add food coloring to the spuds. Then toast strips of pound cake for a dessert of “French fries”. Don’t forget red-tinted frosting for ketchup!

If the Shoe Fits
Bunch up TP and stuff it in the toe of the victim’s shoes. They’ll wonder why their shoes suddenly don’t fit.

DIY Daylight Saving Time
Set all the clocks in the house an hour or two early — then ease the blow of an early wake-up by taking the kiddos out for breakfast

What do you do to create fun on April fools day?

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>Families Are Forever Free Printable


Decorate your home with words and reminders to your family of what they mean to you with this FREE printable art piece from it works for meClick here to get your FREE printable Families Forever art.

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>How to Encourage Our Kids To Eat Healthy

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There are so many things out there that entice kids into eating unhealthy. From fast food restaurants to the commercials on television. It seems as though we are fighting a losing battle. How can we compete with the little toys in the kid’s meals or the colorful animated figures telling even our smallest kids what they should like to eat.
There are a few things you can do to encourage healthy eating. If they start out healthy they are more likely to make healthy choices as they grow.
·      Find the one or two vegetables that your child does like and be sure to serve it often. At this point we have a five year old who loves corn, peas, carrots (raw), and green beans. She’ll also eat broccoli and cauliflower, but only in its raw state with a little ranch dressing. If you’ve only served canned vegetables, try fresh or frozen. Give a small portion and ask them to try one bite. You never know, they might finish and ask for more.
·      Lead by example. You can’t expect your children to enjoy a healthy diet if you don’t. Kids do what their parents do. 
·      Cook at home. Cook at home. Cook at home. This will save you money and be much healthier than eating out. 
·      Limit fast food to once a week. If you hit the drive through because of a busy schedule. Please take a few minutes to make sandwiches and take them with you. Put each child’s lunch in a small brown paper bag and they will enjoy it just as much. 
·      If you don’t want them to eat it, don’t buy it. Having bad food in the house is an open invitation to your children. 
·      Have plenty of raw vegetables and fruits available as a quick snack.
·      And it you have to grind up cooked vegetables and add them to sauces, soups or meatloaves. 
·      Read labels. Most breakfast cereals have more sugar in them than you will want your child to have. We’ve noticed that the cereals with the most colorful pieces will cause our little one to be very naughty.
Kathy McHenry, founder and CEO of www.MyOnlineMeals.com has helped thousands of people put a real dinner on the table. Go to www.MyOnlineMeals.com to receive a free weekly recipe list and shopping list; and to be added to her monthly newsletter. You can reach Kathy by email at Kathy@myonlinemeals.com .
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>APP Of The Week – Out Of Milk


No more forgotten shopping lists with eth Out Of Milk App.


  • Take your Shopping Lists with you everywhere in an intuitive and easy-to-use package.
  • Scan products directly into your Shopping Lists using the integration with Barcode Scanner.
  • An auto-complete database makes adding grocery items a breeze. Shopping List History means that all previously stored items are saved for later use.
  • The digital Spice Rack means you always know what spices are in your spice cabinet.
  • The To-Do List lets you add and keep track of any other items on your daily list.
  • Multiple Shopping Lists and To-Do Lists.
  • Share your Shopping Lists and To-Do Lists by email or text message.

Click here to purchase your Out Of Milk App now

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>WIN – Piggy Paint


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Necessity proves to be the mother of all invention and no one knows that better than Melanie Hurley, a mother who got nervous when the traditional nail polish she was using on her children ate right through a foam plate!  From that day on, Hurley decided that any substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for her daughters’ fingernails, which would inevitably end up in their mouths.  Her quest was on for a safer alternative, and Piggy Paint was born.
Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients and proudly made in the USA.  It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, BPA, ethyl acetate and acetone.  Piggy Paint’s hypoallergenic, odorless formula makes it gentle enough for sensitive hands and noses, yet it dries to a hard, durable finish that can easily be removed with Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover.  This unique remover contains none of the solvents that could offend your nose or harm our atmosphere.
WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Piggy Paint are giving away a Girls Rule Gift Set; includes Forever Fancy nail polish and Piggy Paint nail polish remover.

Enter for your chance to win:

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Extra entries for each:

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Enter your email address:

Delivered by

**We received a complimentary Girls Rule Gift Set for review no financial compensation was received.

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>Table Talk

>Tonight’s Table Talk
….to create conversation

Q: Who performs more random acts of kindness than anyone else you know? Give the details.

Q: When can you jump over three men without getting up?
A: In a checkers game.

(each day 24/7 MOMS posts a question and riddle to help you create dinner time conversation with your families)

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>Why Are All The MOMS Watching 24/7 MOMS Live ? Join us this week and find out


Are you wondering where all the MOMS are every Tuesday night ? They are all hanging out watching 24/7 MOMS Live right from their very own computer winning prizes, chatting and getting some of the hottest MOM tips out there.  Don’t miss another week of MOM Fun – It all happens every Tuesday night.

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This Week 24/7 MOMS Live Features:

@font-face {  font-family: “Cambria“;}p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }-  Learn the Tips and Tricks of buying and selling you kids clothes from Just Between Friends owner Allison Stephens

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>Bisquick Emergency Meals


Are you having Busy mom day, Crazy mom week or  in need of a quick recipe check out theses simple Bisquick emergency meals you can serve to your families.

30-Minute Mini Meat Loaves

From: Bisquick
Slash the bake time of meat loaf when you make mini-loaves. Meat loaf is now doable for weeknights!  Click here for complete recipe from Bisquick.
 Cheesy Chicken Casserole
From: Bisquick
Leftover chicken? Turn it into a delicious casserole complete with veggies. Click here for complete recipe from Bisquick
 Skillet Chicken Parmesan
From: Bisquick
Need a new and delicious idea for chicken breasts? Try an easy skillet dish with Italian pasta sauce and cheese. Click here for complete recipe from Bisquick.

Twisted Pizza Dogs 

From: Bisquick   

Serve a twist to plain ol’ hot dogs. Bisquick® mix creates a fun and tasty stand-in for ordinary buns. Click here for complete recipe from Bisquick.


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