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>Cali Dairy Council Recipes and web site


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>Bisquick Emergency Meals

> Are you having Busy mom day, Crazy mom week or  in need of a quick recipe check out theses simple Bisquick emergency meals you can serve to your families.   30-Minute Mini Meat Loaves From: Bisquick Slash the bake … Continue reading

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>Gluten Free Snicker Doodle Cookies Using GF Bisquick

>I have been serving Gluten Free Bisquick pancakes to some of the members of our family and I am so excited to have just discovered that there are more recipes using the GF Bisquick including this yummy sounding Snicker Doodle … Continue reading

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>Shamrock Krispie Treats For St. Patrick’s Day

> Who doesn’t love a marshmallow Krispie treat?  this St. Patrick’s day you can whip up a quick batch and create a fun GREEN treat.  Click here for complete instructions we found over at The Party Works

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>Biscuits with a message for St. Patricks Day

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>DIY Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel Bites

>I seriously love those mall pretzels and even enjoy them them when they are covered in cinnamon sugar so when I saw Zakka Life Crafts share a DIY recipe for these little bites of true delight I thought I must … Continue reading

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>Out Of The Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

> This past week my youngest Nate-no has been announcing to me he is really tired of taking the same thing in his lunch day after day but when I asked him what would he like me to pack in … Continue reading

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