>Fun Chalkboard Projects

> I think I could begin a Chalkboard paint addiction after discovering all of these fun Chalkboard paint DIY ( do it yourself) projects to add fun to my home. Do you have a fun idea using chalkboard paint? leave us a comment and share your ideas with 24/7 MOMS.

Paint Me Plaid created the most adorable girls accessory holder pots with Chalkboard paint. Click here for details.

Domestically Speaking got creative using a fun framed mirror turned Chalkboard. Click here for details.

Created these simple Chalkboard pots for herbs. Click here for details.


Truly Lovely had a great idea creating Chalkboard candy jars which not only make great gifts but fun to use year round. Click here for how to instructions.

Lovely Under Grad shows us how to Chalkboard paint an old piece of furniture. Click here for how to.

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam created this simple chalkboard plate in minutes. Click here to find out how.

Ruffled is making menu planning fun with this DIY window frame menu Chalkboard. Click here for instructions.

Fun and colorful Chalkboard walls from Design Gab.

The Idea Room created TWO projects – A Chalkboard Notebook and a chalkboard cup name label. Click here for instructions on these two projects.

The Idea room also used a homemade version of chalkboard paint. Click here for recipe.

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