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>4 SIMPLE St. Patricks Day Cupcakes

>4 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake ideas:

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>5 Simple Conversation Heart Decoration Crafts

>It is sweet to decorate your home for Valentines day with these 5 simple conversation heart candy crafts. My Creative Departure designed a sweet piece of art with conversation hearts. Click here to read more about how to create your … Continue reading

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>Simple Tips to Keeping the Pounds Off

> New Years has come and gone. You have made your resolution. Have you stuck by it… or has it slowly slipped away. Most people who make a resolution has something to do with their health. Might be eating healthier, … Continue reading

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>5 Simple Snowman Sweet Treats

>Celebrate winter with your kids and create one of these simple yummy Snowmen sweet treats. Adorable Snowman cupcakes from Simply Designing. Click here for complete step by step instructions. Fun Snowmen Melted cookies from Crazy Domestic. Click here for complete … Continue reading

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>Simple and Fun Snowman Winter Dinner

>Create a snowman themed winter dinner. Snowman Party Stew from: Taste Of Home 6-8 Servings Prep: 30 min. Cook: 15 min. Ingredients 1 pound ground beef 1 package (16 ounces) frozen vegetables for stew, divided 1 can (10-1/4 ounces) beef … Continue reading

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>MOM Tip: Simple Potato Peeling – Toss out your peeler

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>Simple, Cheap, Place Cards!

> Simple, Cheap, Place Cards!! by Leslie Pleasants Need: ¬†~Bells (got mine from Dollar Tree, package of 6 for a $1.00) ~Glitter Glue (you could just use a colored sharpy) Great way to make simple little place cards! I got … Continue reading

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